About Me

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Hi, thank you for visiting my website. I am a normal hard working family man. I have a very supportive wife and three truly talented children who give me plenty of opportunity to practise my photography in between ‘dad’s taxi runs’ !

I first picked up a camera about twenty years ago but it wasn’t until my three children started to join sporting clubs that I really developed my love of photography. 

Bassetts AllsportsAt first I solely concentrated on Sports Photography. Slowly more and more friends and fellow parents were asking me to capture their son or daughter ‘in action’.

With positive feedback and being aghast at the prices that event photographers were charging at the various football, gymnastic and equestrian competitions that I was attending on a regular basis, I decided to launch Bassetts Allsports Photography.

It wasn’t until a friend asked me to photograph her brand new, ‘straight out the box’, newborn grand daughter that I tried a new genre of photography. Being a father to three children myself I relished the opportunity of being able to capture the beauty of a new life.

DSC_0109Now that I had broken out of my comfort zone of Sports Photography, with some success, I decided to invest in my business to enable me to cover different styles of photography.  Although I still specialised in ‘Sports Action’ my photography had expanded and I needed a brand that conveyed that. Hence Bassetts Photos was created. I now provide a friendly, reliable and wallet happy service covering sports, newborns, pets with the occasional family portrait session thrown in for good measure !

Although the name has changed my aim of offering beautiful professional looking images at realistic prices has not.